We design and distribute tools to select, assess, develop and train people in organisational contexts.

We have a high expertise in the assessment and the development of people skills and potential.

Expertise, research and innovation are at the basis of our work to help the companies respond to the current needs and anticipate the future ones.

Key factors

First multibrand italian player

authorised manufacturer, distributor and certifier

More than 150 multilingual tests

Publishing company and distributor of predictive tests, which can be applied in the business context, validated and recognised worldwide.

International partners

Partnership with the most important international players to distribute their solutions in Italy.

Research and development

A continuous investment to adjust the concepts resulting from the most recent studies of Occupational Psychology to the company needs in a targeted manner. We collaborate with an international team of researchers and academics.

Psychologists and professionals in the assessment

With many years’ experience in business consultancy.

Customisable solutions

A wide range of reliable solutions, which can be flexibly integrated in the assessment processes. A combination with a high level of predictability and easy to use interfaces.

Certificates and awards

We have the certificates UNI ISO 10667 (services of people assessment in the organisations) and UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 for the activities of “planning and delivery of management consultancy services: training, assessment and development of the human resources, organisational consultancy, research and investigation”.

The standard UNI ISO 10667 establishes the requirements and the criteria of the assessment of people, group or company. This standard is an useful tool for the companies, the suppliers of assessment services and the employees to guarantee the accuracy of the assessment and the validity of its results. The drawing up of the standard UNI ISO 10667 “Assessment Service Delivery” has been entrusted to a team of international experts.

Annalisa Rolandi, Managing Director of Utilia, was the Italian UNI representative.