Talent Assessment


We adopt several assessment solutions to evaluate the skills and the potential of people. We plan individual and group assessment processes for any specific need, through a wide range of tests and tools which enable us to respond to the new company requests in a complete, quick and digital way.


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Personal capital solutions

Virtual assessment

Digital jobs assessment

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The analysis and the assessment of skills and behaviours are supported by scientifically validated tests and tools, which aim to identify the personal resources, the attitudes, the competences, the incentives, the skills and the tendencies in order to obtain an evaluative and predictive context of the behaviours with regard to the organisational environment and the professional role.

Data analysis

We support the decision-making processes of the companies through the analysis of data resulting from people assessment.

For example, in a project of Talent Assessment, it is possible to map the different levels of the talent population, which is involved to build the future training and development opportunities.

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