We manage assessment and development projects at a local and international level: assessment of behavioural skills, self-development support, assessment of the potential.

We suggest efficient and innovative consultancy solutions, aimed at managing the assessment and development processes through smart and flexible methods, in order to meet every type of need of the human resources.

Our offer in this sector of consultancy is divided into Classic Solutions and Special Solutions.

Classic solutions

Assessment solutions

  • smart individual assessment
  • full individual assessment
  • assessment center for potential evaluation
  • assessment center for skills evaluation

Light assessment solutions

  • screening online
  • assessment online
  • blended assessment
  • team light assessment

Development solutions

  • individual evelopment center
  • development center for skills evaluation
  • DAC & self-development lab

Special solutions

Assessor Academy

Tool based self development lab

  • change mindset lab

Personal capital solutions

  • Personal capital evaluation
  • Full assessment


Virtual assessment