G. Alessandri, C. Consiglio, De Longis


It is a psychological aptitudinal battery capable of measuring the main aptitudes to logical verbal, numerical and abstract reasoning through a series of items specifically developed for Utilia and carefully tested in the Italian context, able to give valid and reliable results and to be used on different populations.


Selection and Career advancement

Identify the most relevant aptitudes to the activities to be carried out in a specific reference role.

Orientation and Vocational counselling

Outline the aptitudes profile of the person to evaluate the activities and the career paths that are the most in line with the cognitive potential of the person.

Evaluation and Development of the potential

Integrate the evaluation of competences possessed with the baggage of aptitudes to outline strengths and improvement areas and reachable improvement goals.


  • LOGIC –VR (Verbal Reasoning)
    Stimulus type: verbal analogies between the word pairs
    Structure: 23 items in 5 minutes
  • LOGIC – CVR (Critical Verbal Reasoning)
    Stimulus type: Tracks and related questions
    Structure: 30 items in 22 minutes
  • LOGIC – NR (Numerical Reasoning)
    Stimulus type: a series of numerical questions
    Structure: 30 items in 24 minutes
  • LOGIC – CNR (Critical Numerical Reasoning)
    Stimulus type: Graphs and tables and related questions
    Structure: 25 items in 20 minutes
  • LOGIC – AR (Abstract Reasoning)
    Stimulus type: a series of abstract figures
    Structure: 25 items in 20 minutes


  • Italian.

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